Our mission is to provide churches with the policies, procedures, format, & training to aid those struggling with mental health and suicide prevention.  We exist to aid pastors and senior leadership in being prepared to help those both in their congregations and their communities who are in need.


We having been operating the Defeat Suicide Foundation for years and as an organization of faith have worked with hundreds of church youth groups and provided guest sermons at churches across the United States. Throughout this work we began to recognize gaps that existed between the church's outreach and the mental health community.  This was further demonstrated with the most comprehensive study to date by Lifeway Ministries who researched Christianity and Mental Health.

  • 81% of people, regardless if they attend a church or are a believer, will first reach out to a pastor or clergy for help

  • 25% of people in every congregation are dealing with mental illness either personally or with a loved one

  • 23% of pastors indicate they have personally struggled with mental illness of some kind

  • 22% of pastors agree that they are reluctant to get involved with those with acute mental illness because of previous experiences, strained time, and resources

  • Only 38% of pastors strongly agree they feel equipped to identify a person dealing with acute mental illness that may require a referral to a medical professional

  • Extremely few churches have plans to assist families affected by mental illness

  • Extremely few churches are staffed with a counselor skilled in mental illness

  • There is a sever lack of training for church leaders on how to recognize mental illness

  • There is a desperate need for churches to communicate to congregations about local mental health resources

  • There is a stigma and culture of silence that leads to shame IN THE CHURCH and it drives people needing help away

These statistics are staggering and as we continued to lead online groups and bible studies we clearly identified that as the Church (Big C), we are missing the mark.  90% of the people we work with who had attended a church looking for help and support had felt shunned, ignored, and ostracized which led them to leave the church and in many cases, feel that they were not worthy of being loved by God.

Recognizing the issues, the Church Suicide Foundation was formed as another extension of our foundation groups.  We have built a program that allows us to team with church staff and leadership for a multi directional attack on the issues so the church is better equipped.


  • Train church leadership on how to recognize mental illness, especially suicidal ideation and tendencies

  • Train on how to develop a plan and referral system for people and families affected by mental illness

  • Train on how to better communicate with the congregation in regards to mental health and the stigmas

  • Train on how to reduce the stigma and culture within the church that tends to push those in need away

  • Train church leadership to work with members of their congregations and their families who are facing mental health challenges

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The Defeat Suicide Foundation is a subsidiary of TW Foundation, Inc. (TWF)

TWF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.